Handing out the souvenirs

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Handing out the souvenirs

Post by TMar on 2011-05-18, 3:12 am

Over a week ago I was at Animecon and as I was camping out with my boyfriend I had too much luggage to go and buy lots of manga. But I did find some great stuff suitable for SD sized dolls Wink.

Anyway, I was gone for over a week (also included a LARP-event) and they've missed me Wink

and me

Hey Cirrus, did you miss me?

A week is much too long Mommy. Please can I come with you on your next vacation?
Heheh, if it fits with your scheduled free time, but get your own tent. We like our privacy if you understand what I mean.
Of course. Maybe I'll have a boyfriend next year. Promise I'll be 'quiet', you know, hihi.
Oh that's quite all right as long as you use protection kiddo.

It's great to be home. So what have you been up to?
Catching babies, catching babies and..... catching babies.
Well that's my busy little elf Smile

So here they are, all sitting snugly in front of the TV the way they like it, covered with their blankets.

Umph. Coming up! Guess what, Mommy's home! YAY!

Hey kids Smile
All: Welcome home!

Got you all some presents from the convention.

Yes Saito-san. You can find a lot of wonderful things when you go out on a vacation. Last year we got a deck of playing cards.
And there was a Jin action figure, hihi.
Who is Jin?
He's a samurai in Samurai Champloo. He's pretty cool.
Sounds like I would like to test his ability with the sword, heheh.

A cute little cat for the family Smile

Look Beorn, Neko-chan, hihi.
Thankyou very much Mom, this one will be our pet.

Ooooooooooh! BUNNYRABBIT! Oh he's so cute and cuddly!

I am so happy! Thankyou so much Mommy!

He's funny, hihi.

And I have one more for you Cirrus.
Hey, it's a blue, what's it?

I thought it looks very cute.
Thankyou Mommy, I love them!

Hmm, lord Saito?
These are damn funny. My kids had to make do with one stuffed teddy-bear.
I did not have plushies whatsoever when I was little.
Well, around here you can catch up on a lost childhood, heheh.
Oh yes lord Saito, certainly! I'm so grateful for Mommy!

Mother, do I get a plushy too? Though I'm not into cute.
No Saito-san, I've got something else for you. Origami paper!


Thankyou so much Mother. I haven't done any papercraft for ages!

Let's see, how to make a crane....

Like so....

I'm getting there.

Yep, that's looking good!

And here we are, a crane.

Looks good. Though, these sheets are somewhat large.

Oh I think you are awesome lord Saito Smile
Well, the lady who sold them to me did have smaller ones, but with a bunny all over it. I think she's called Miffy in Japan, but we call her Nijntje, which is the original name. I can take you to the statue of Nijntje if you like, it's right here in town.
Hahah, maybe Cirrus would like to have his picture taken with a cute bunnyrabbit.
Oh yes I would love that! Lord Saito, please teach me origami so Mommy can buy me Nijntje-paper and we'll have so much fun!

Cirrus-san, good choice for a hobby. Origami is challenging yet relaxing. Now let's watch the Simpsons, really funny show, heheh. Crane wants to watch it too.
*sigh*bloody statue is on the other side of town. Kids, have fun, I'm off editing these pictures Smile

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Re: Handing out the souvenirs

Post by Pete on 2011-05-19, 10:55 am

Leuke souveniers! Vind vooral het katje en het origami-papier erg leuk =3 Hoewel de katakana-bunny ook superschattig is.

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